Shooting Bobbi


13 Responses to “Shooting Bobbi”

  1. phil says:


  2. OwlManHays says:

    Wow, what a stunning photograph of you two.

  3. ChrisP. Proudfoot says:

    Hi Kim,
    It’s so neat how you do your own photography. Also your a hard worker and a great women. I think it’s great that you and Bobbi Starr are friends. Also the photo is so interesting , it’s looks like it is out of a real movie. So I hope you know I am greatful for you and Bobbi Starr. Thanks :~) Your little man ChrisP. Proudfoot

  4. Coop says:

    I love BOBBI STARR … She has something special about her, it can’t be explained…. She has that “IT” factor. I really am one of her biggest fan!!

  5. Aristote says:

    I saw your photo on your tumblr account but I don’t find how to comment, so I do it here. I really loved your photo from New Orleans, specialy the Swing Dancers. The girl on this pic have lovely eyes and the blur musician on the background left looks to be really to make its music, all that give a nice atmosphere to the photo. Your self portrait in New Orleans is well done too. That sad atmosphere is reinforced by the reflection of the background glass in the glass, it creats a story within a story (<- I'm not sure with this term ^^')

    I also love the composition of some photo, like the last one in Berlin, it's nice done. The noise is also perfect, I suppose you shoot with a camera film. Good job :)

  6. pedro says:

    I love bobbi

  7. Steve says:

    I love the both of you!!!!!!

  8. Nastyangel says:

    Wow… what a nice photo!!

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  10. Leopard Eye says:

    Kimberly KAne is cutttttttttteeee !!!
    I love her :)
    <3 K <3 I <3 M <3 B <3 E <3 R <3 L <3 Y <3 K <3 A <3 N <3 E <3

  11. Anonymous says:

    fuck ya